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An integrated and walkable foredeck of solar cells, a powerful electric motor, LED lighting, a luxurious interior, a unique look and ample seating for 7 people: we would like to introduce you to the Supiore Uno.

Size (lxw) 5,25 x 2,40 meters. The special shape of the hull ensures optimal stability, making that the Supiore Uno hardly tilts and hardly generates waves.
The foamed double walls make the Uno unsinkable.

The extremely quiet and efficient electric motor, which is controlled by our house designed microprocessor technology, provides an efficient and economical drive, both when sailing forward and when sailing in reverse.

The top speed of the Supiore Uno is software limited to 12 kilometres per hour or 6 knots. Because of this limitation, you may handle this pleasure yacht without a license.

Enjoy the experience of boating, without the hassle of owning one.

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